Are you getting just a little bored hearing about the benefits of connected cars? It wasn’t that long ago all we worried about was the size of the engine, how fast it went, how good it looked and how many gizmos it had on the dashboard.

The most popular technological advance of the recent past was the introduction of in-car entertainment to keep the screaming kids quiet in the back. Oh, and we can’t forget those brilliant GPS systems that cost a small fortune to buy and another small fortune to be kept up to date with the latest maps. Weren’t they popular with the petty crooks that looked out for the rings the mounts left on your windscreen before smashing a side window and raiding the glove compartment?

But today’s connected car is just one step away from being an all encompassing means of transport that will drive itself, and presumably you, from point A to B. It will be equipped with Internet access, allowing it to share internet access with other devices both inside as well as outside the vehicle.

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