This time last year I wrote that it was trendy for analysts and journalists to look into their crystal balls and tell you what to expect in the coming year. For me, it made more sense to look back on the year past and see what had failed or otherwise made no sense – in the faint hope that we could jettison the silly stuff and remedy the situation in the coming year.

My opinion in this regard has changed little and sadly, very little has changed in the telecoms’ world either. It is like an old steam engine, it just keeps going along on it’s merry way needing a little fuel and water to keep going. There are no high-speed trains here, they seem to be the bastion of the digital players of the internet world.

And just like the steam buffs that believed that the era if steam would never end and that those reckless diesel and electric train buffs would come off the tracks the telco world is, only now, realizing that times are changing. But the change is still agonizingly slow coming, hampered by the belief that no customers should be disrupted by change and legacy systems should be maintained just in case something goes wrong.