Forget your iPhones and your Nexus Ones if you really want to be hip and healthy you should get hold of a new Seal Cell phone which is reportedly dishwasher proof. I bet many of you have been waiting for a phone like this but didn’t know why, read on.

If you’ve accidentally dropped your mobile into the dishwasher only to discover it the next day in a very sad state, this will be the phone for you.  The makers are claiming that this is the world’s first cell phone to be washable AND antimicrobial. Regular cleaning in the sink or dishwasher can help prevent the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria, which are known to harbor on frequently touched surfaces. The Seal Cell has been created to help reduce the risk of worldwide cross contaminations, including H1N1, Norovirus and the “superbug,” MRSA.

The University of Arizona, tested numerous common surfaces and found cell phones are the highest carriers of bacteria with 25,000 germs per square inch, or 500 times more bacteria than the average toilet.  Who’d have thought that?  Next we’ll all have to wash our hands after making a call.  We may even have health warnings stuck to each phone just to remind us.  But it won’t be a problem if you drop this phone in the toilet (yes, it does happen).

This story gets better and better, a healthy phone packed with features like Dual SIM, Dual Holding Quad Band GSM compatible and features a 2.0 megapixel camera with video and torch light, GPRS, MMS, background noise elimination, walkie-talkie function, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS and a ruggedized touch screen.  But for those sailors amongst us the most obvious question was not answered in the press release – does it float?