I’m terrified to admit that I may be growing up at last. I’m careful not to say ‘maturing’ because that would be lying. And this sudden epiphany has come about because instead of jumping into every bit of new technology that comes along I am actually analysing it carefully before proceeding.

Yes – shock, horror. This new approach has come about after countless disappointing encounters with apps, gadgets and accessories that simply end up being crap – usually after I have paid for them.

And there lies one of the great issues of the online world today – you can rarely test the product before buying. What happened to the days of the 24-hour trial period. It used to be the norm for games but now you just get to read the seller’s description (always glowing), the reviews (usually glowing from family members and dim from competitors).

After you buy you soon discover the shortcomings and just try to get your money back from the app stores. It costs you more in time and effort than the app was worth. They prey on that I’m sure.