Support for the move to eBilling has come from a very surprising source and it’s  probably totally unintentional.  UK’s Royal Mail is on strike and the headlines are not attacking the strikers or the Post Office but are concentrating on the plight of consumers that are nor receiving or are unable to pay bills.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ recently headlined with, “Misery for countless families and small firms as bills, card payments and cheques are trapped in mail backlog.”  It went on to point out that “utility bills and payments are being delayed, meaning families can be hit with extra charges and threats of disconnection.”

One would hate to think how much revenue service providers are NOT receiving within the normal credit terms and how much easier it would be if more people were on eBilling and linked payments such as direct debit or credit card.  It’s probably enough to cover the cost of improving existing systems to offer eBilling in some from to all customers.

In years gone by, you would have said Royal Mail was the most efficient, cost-effective and secure means of sending written communications.  My, how times have changed!  Although postal strikes are not a common occurrence in most countries the effect of only one dispute such as this could cost a service provider millions of dollars just in lost interest alone!

Another great reason to ‘Kill the Bill’?