It is extraordinary how badly banks treat their customers. Getting the service you want is a hit and miss affair. RBS and NatWest are the latest to lock people out of their accounts. HSBC managed this trick not so long ago.

In the latest RBS case, the culprit was a system (or actually mish-mash of ancient, creaking systems) that had been cobbled together. To this they had pasted on something that looks like a web-based front end and shoved it down their small company customers’ throats. One of the many complaints from these irate customers, after discovering the problem (many by accident), was that the bank did not even bother to communicate it to them.

Twitter was aglow with indignation.

What is irritating is that RBS actually blamed the cobbled-together bunch of legacy systems that should be in a museum. When DisruptiveViews (DV) was ‘getting started’ with the RBS small business system, it first had to go through a tedious and overly-long, paper-based sign up process. Bear in mind that DV was already a customer, with a UK account when all it wanted was a linked Euro account to avoid the pathetic exchange rates on offer – hardly rocket science.

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