Chances are that Australians won’t be able to catch a word that Fran Capo is saying when she visits Melbourne and Sydney this week, which is no surprise given she’s the world’s fastest talking woman. Capo, who holds three world records for her speedy ‘gift of the gab’, has arrived in Australia for her first tour.

Fran Capo is no stranger to the Guinness World Records – she holds a record for being the world’s fastest talking female after she clocked an amazing 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds – that’s 11 words a second!

Telstra has invited Fran down-under to celebrate the arrival of its own world-record breaker in the speed department. BigPond’s 21 USB Mobile Card, which operates on the Next G™, which Telstra claims is the world’s fastest national mobile broadband network.   (via Telstra Press Release)

Who could question Telstra’s logic at inflicting a fast-talking woman, and American to boot, onto an unsuspecting public? The sassy, fast talkin’ Fran from New York is a household name in the US, having appeared on major TV shows such as Jay Leno, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, the Late Show, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, not to mention various commercials and movies during her colourful career as a stand up comedian and the world’s fastest talker.

But what fast-talking and high-speed data downloads have in common is somewhat of a mystery. For Australian males, often portrayed in sit-coms and films as ’hen-pecked’, the sight (and sound) of Fran could have them heading for the hills. For Ozzie women, the competition may not be all that welcome either! Let’s hope, for Telstra’s sake, that Fran’s skills are appreciated, particularly in a country that associates a fast-talker with someone who is trying to mislead!