If you think I was hard on RIM and it’s new CEO in my last blog you should read what PaidContent.org has to say. Here are some snippets:

There is a business-school case study waiting to be written about this era of RIM, from 2007 through the next few years. It’s a solidly profitable company with a growing user base outside the U.S. that has no grasp of the future, a resistance to outside ideas, and a management team completely tone deaf to the modern consumer. Heins, a RIM executive who came on board during that pivotal year in which Apple introduced the iPhone, may be part of the solution but he has also been part of the problem.

Everyone knew Lazaridis and Balsillie had to go, not only because of investor pressure but because companies need to send signals to the market and to its employees that failure on such a grand scale cannot be tolerated.

“RIM is in deep trouble and needs to do something different to survive. When will it realize that?

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