If you think that some tweets are a load of crap, particularly your own, then this is just the news you’ve been waiting for.

An enterprising company in the USA (no surprises there), will take one or more feeds from your Twitter account and print those tweets on toilet paper so you can then display and use proudly in your favorite restroom. Better still, you can have somebody else’s feeds printed on a roll that, when sent to them, will indicate exactly how much you value their tweets.

As Mashable points out, this premium paper is priced for use in high-end powder rooms, rolls cost $35 for a pack of four. If these rolls of toilet paper have the standard 75 sheets you’d be shelling out about 8.5 cents a sheet to send your latest tweets off to the seaside. That, you may reasonably surmise, is money down the drain.

The company producing these gems is aptly and unimaginatively named, Shitter (presumably to rhyme with Twitter). Although the idea of printed toilet paper is not new, it’s probably the first time someone has taken Twitter to the toilet. Previous options were to print logos, pictures phrases, etc. or the faces (no pun intended) of people you didn’t like. Some companies have been known to print their competitors brands or products on extra special batches to motivate staff.

On the positive side, this could be the ideal gift for someone you know that has everything.